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Digitruction is a reliable and efficient food delivery app development company that specializes in developing custom food delivery solutions to meet your unique business requirements. Our food delivery app development services provide a seamless user experience with various automated operations. We have a team of 20+ experts that focuses on quality and innovation to create fast, secure, and scalable food delivery apps that can handle a large volume of orders.

Food Delivery App Development Key Features

Nowadays food delivery app development has become a necessity if you are trying to expand your business by offering convenience and flexibility to the customers. One of the main features of a food delivery app is an intuitive user interface with real-time order tracking that allows customers to easily browse menus, place orders, see the status of their orders, track their deliveries, and see the estimated delivery times. Here are some of the key features that need to be covered during the food delivery mobile app development procedure:


Advanced Search

This advanced search feature lets users find their desired restaurants or specific dishes by applying filters such as cuisine type, price range, ratings, and more. It enhances the user experience by providing relevant search results to save time and ensure customer satisfaction in the food delivery app.


Secure Payment

Get food delivery app that ensures secure payment transactions through encrypted channels and trusted payment gateways. Users can confidently make online payments using various options, such as credit cards, digital wallets, or cash on delivery, ensuring their financial information is protected throughout the process.


Live Tracking

The Live Tracking feature allows users to track their order status in real-time, from the restaurant to their homes. This feature provides transparency and enhances the user experience by keeping them informed about their order's progress.


Review & Rating

Get Review & Rating feature in the app so that users can share their feedback and rate their dining experience, helping others make informed decisions. It promotes transparency, builds trust, and allows restaurants to improve their services based on customer reviews and ratings.


Offers & Discounts

This feature provides users some of the most exclusive deals, coupons, and discounts to save money on their food orders. It incentivizes customers to order through the app, promotes customer loyalty, and boosts sales for restaurants partnering with the platform.



The Notification feature keeps users updated with order status, delivery updates, promotions, and important app-related information. Push notifications ensure timely communication, enhancing user engagement and providing a seamless and convenient food delivery experience.



The Cancellation feature allows users to cancel their orders within a specified time frame, ensuring flexibility and convenience. It helps users rectify any mistakes or change their plans, while also providing clear guidelines and policies for cancellations to manage expectations effectively.



The Wallet feature enables users to securely store and manage their digital funds within the app. It offers a convenient and quick payment option, eliminates the need for manual entry of payment details, and provides users with a seamless checkout experience.

Detailed Outline of The Workflow For Our Food Delivery App Solution

Here you can see a complete guide and workflow that we follow to create fully-functional and feature-rich food delivery app solutions as per the client’s requirements.

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Advantages of Using On-Demand Food Delivery App for Business

In today's fast-paced world, customers always prefer to use food delivery applications that provide convenience and speed. On-demand food delivery apps can help businesses to expand their customer base apart from their physical location, as they can reach vast amounts of customers. With a constant demand for food delivery services, on-demand food delivery apps are quickly becoming a necessity for businesses that are looking to stay ahead of their competitors.

Ease and Convenience

On-demand food delivery apps provide ease and convenience for businesses by streamlining the ordering process and delivering food directly to customers' doorsteps.

Zero Hassles and No Misunderstandings

With on-demand food delivery mobile apps, businesses can eliminate hassles and misunderstandings by ensuring accurate order placement, tracking, and seamless communication with customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Operate 24/7

Get the best On-demand food delivery app that allows businesses to operate 24/7, expanding their reach and capturing customer orders at any time, enhancing revenue potential.

Simpler to Manage

Food delivery mobile app helps to simplify the business management by providing tools for menu updates, order tracking, inventory management, and customer communication.

Real Time Location Tracking

Real-time location tracking in on-demand food delivery apps allows businesses to monitor and optimize delivery routes, ensuring timely and efficient order fulfillment.

Exposure to new customers

With an on-demand food delivery app, businesses can gain exposure to new customers who may not have known about their services before.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to build an on-demand food delivery application depends upon the type of functionalities and features you want in the app. It can be costly to build an on-demand food delivery app with an admin panel, driver-side app, and customer-side app.

Yes, you don’t have to worry about anything because our programmers provide frequent maintenance and support services even after the deployment of the app.

The process to build a food delivery app can take 2 to 3 months but the exact time depends upon various factors like designing, developing, testing, prototyping, and deployment.

Yes, you can get various customized features in your food delivery app. Our developers frequently consult with the clients to understand which unique features they want in the app.

Yes, we provide the facility to integrate various third-party plugins in the food delivery app to make it more appealing and functional.