In the world of the database, the most common and well popular database systems are RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems). Now, if we want to develop an application which deals with a large volume of data, then we need to choose one such database which always provides a high – performance data storage solutions. So that, we can achieve the performance in the solution in terms of the data store and data retrieval with accuracy, speed and reliability. Now, if we categorized the database solutions then there are mainly two types of database category available i.e. RDBMS or Relational Database like SQL Server, Oracle etc. and another type is NoSQL database like MongoDB, CosmosDB etc.

The NoSQL database are actually being an alternative of conventional SQL Database and also, this type of database provides mostly all types of features which are normally available in the RDBMS systems. Now-a-days, NoSQL databases become much popular in comparison to the past due to the simple design, provision for both horizontal and vertical scaling and also for easy and simple control over the stored data. This type of database basically breaks the normal tradition of data storage structure of the relational database. It gives the provision to the developers to store data in the database as per the actual requirement of their program. This type of facility we can’t achieve by using the traditional RDBMS database.

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